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I have never wanted to post a black list on my site as I know most of the ladies personally. These ladies are what you expect to find back home. There only problem is that they have found out how easy it is to get money and gift's from visiting foreigners. I call these ladies Professional Daters.  When you ask these ladies why they do this for a living, they all seem to have the same answer.  When they meet a new man they quickly evaluate there feeling for this new "investment". If the lady really likes you she will consider dating and marriage. If she doesn't look out wallet her she comes.  

Why we have ladies like this in Ukraine. Because we created them. DON'T GIVE MONEY TO ANYONE. Everyday I hear from guys who are crying about there lost income and how they taken advantage of.  If they just said No.  

I am going to list only the ladies that I get complaints about and keep them up for a year. . I will be glad to point out the rest of them to you in kherson. But I must keep my personal option to myself. Therefore only "you" the client's can add to this list.  Please be ready to provide evidence and your name and email.

For a list of Honest Marriage agencies go to

When picking an agency to use. I highly suggest that you limited your list to agencies that follow these golden rules.

1. Only use agencies that list their office address on there web sites.
2. Only use agencies that list their Owners name on there web sites.

Follow these two rules and you will eliminate 99 percent of the scam agencies.

Agencies In Kherson

I have decided to remove the list of agency that I don't recommend because it was getting two big.
 I figure it is a lot easier to list agency in kherson that I recommend since the number is normally less then 3.
 Just send me a email and I will recommend them too you.

Ladies Removed
Blacklisted and
Professional daters
Here is a list of current ladies who are being reported this year. These ladies took advantage of the men hospitality or requested money using false pretenses. Most of them ask for money to purchase items such as English lesson or internet access without any intent to purchase such items.  These ladies are most likely still available on other agencies but are no longer authorized to be on our.

Please see anti-scam sites for current list of scammers. Such as or